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Hello! I am UpTheLevel.
I primarily upload Roblox animations made in Roblox Studio using Moon Animator 2.

I am currently aiming to create unique short stories and animations for my projects. Specializing in lighting, cinematic shots, and storytelling. I aim to improve every upload both in quality and speed. 


Here is a comprehensive list of all the ongoing projects that are either currently available or scheduled for future release.

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"Eminence" stands as an ambitious shared world anthology series, unfurling its tales within a meticulously crafted medieval low-fantasy world. Here, a tapestry of narratives unfolds, guided by a diverse array of characters. At its core, "Eminence" embodies an ever-evolving storyline, where each episode weaves an essential strand in this interconnected web of tales. This project thrives on the idea of expansion and discovery, with every central episode acting as a nexus, giving rise to a multitude of subplots, each varying in length, significance, and even stylistic nuances.

Furthermore, what sets "Eminence" apart is its engagement with the community. Members of the Eminence community contribute characters, allowing their own stories to become integral parts of the narrative. This inclusivity ensures that the series is a collaborative journey, making it accessible to all. In essence, "Eminence" is a project both ambitious and straightforward, offering enjoyment whether you choose to savor individual episodes or delve into the broader aspects of its world and story.

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